The Somerville Times: First of its kind, life-size titan class robot unveiled in Somerville


Last week, Somerville became home to the first of its kind, life-size titan class astrobot designed by local sculptor, Skunk, who works out of Artisans Asylum. Weighting in at 650 lbs., this 6 FT tall heroic, powerful female icon was designed in collaboration with Somernova’s (formerly Ames Business Park) to be a symbol of the 7.4 acre campus’ spirit and culture.

“Somernova is a platform for entrepreneurs to create and be bold. The consistent drive to innovate and break the mold is an integral part of entrepreneurship. In order to foster creativity, people need environments that encourage experiment and testing,’ said Collin Yip, Managing Partner of Rafi Properties. ‘Dyanna is a symbol of Somernova’s spirit and culture – a place for fearless self-expression and exploration.’

Rafi Properties, owner of Somernova, commissioned Skunk to create an outdoor sculpture to represent the spirit of the Somerville campus. Comprised of objects such as a steel scuba tank for the cranium, MBTA garage door springs for legs and a swivel ball from a 1962 Land Rover Station wagon for the jaw, Dyanna is the largest Astrobot built to date by the sculptor. The female sculpture was installed at the entrance of the innovation hub’s courtyard.

Rooted in the neighborly vibe of Somerville’s Union Square neighborhood, the Somernova campus sprawls over 7.4 acres and is comprised of 300,000 SF of commercial and industrial space. A culture crafted by a unique tenant mix from 3D printing (Voxel8) and nanotechnology (N12 Technologies), urban rock climbing (Brooklyn Boulders), the largest clean-tech startup incubator in U.S. (Greentown Labs), a non-profit maker-space (Artisan’s Asylum), a brewery (Aeronaut), and more. Since its inception, this entrepreneurial epicenter has been known as a place where people iterate ideas and test the boundaries of what is possible.