January 4, 2023

Riverside Community Care and the Roadmap for Behavioral Health Care Reform

A new “front door” opens Tuesday for Massachusetts residents seeking mental health care, promising fast access to what has been a near-impenetrable system. Whether in crisis or just not sure where to turn, people will now be able to call or text the Behavioral Health Help Line – 833-773-BHHL – or walk into one of 25 designated centers. If all goes as planned, immediately a clinician will assess the situation and connect the person with help, regardless of the type of insurance they have.In addition to the Help Line, the “Roadmap for Behavioral Health Care Reform” establishes mobile teams ready to respond immediately to those in crisis and calls upon 25 Community Behavioral Health Centers to provide swift and flexible care in every city and town across Massachusetts. The hope is that fewer people will flock to hospital emergency departments, where they now spend days or weeks waiting for help.

Somernova tenant, Riverside Community Care, is one of 25 community mental health centers selected to participate in the Roadmap. Each  organization received $750,000 in start-up funding and are required to meet an array of performance standards, such as assessing patients within 24 hours of first contact, providing appointments for those in urgent need within 48 hours, and arranging follow-up appointments within two weeks.

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