January 4, 2023

Sublime System Tackling Cement’s Carbon Problem

Sublime System’s Co-founder and CEO Leah Ellis was recently a guest on the podcast “Catalyst,” a podcast supported by Scale Microgrid Solutions, a  comprehensive source for all distributed energy financing. In the episode, Ellis speaks to how Sublime is able to produce cement at room temperature without releasing carbon dioxide.

The issue Sublime is addressing is that concrete, which is used use more than any other manufactured material in the world, is cement-based and emits lots of carbon. The cement industry alone produces 8% of global CO2 emissions.

The interview covers:

  • The key properties of cement and why we use so much of it.
  • The chemistry of cement and why it releases carbon dioxide.
  • Alternative chemistries to Portland cement, the most common and useful formulation.
  • Ingredients you can add to the mix, known as ​supplementary cementitious materials,” to offset some of the Portland cement required (such as fly ash from coal-fired power plants).
  • Adopting performance-based standards that allow more flexibility in the materials used in cement.
  • Replacing coal with electrification and alternative fuels in cement kilns.
  • Post-combustion carbon capture for cement kilns.
  • CarbonCure’s technique for injecting carbon dioxide into concrete to increase strength and reduce the amount of cement required.
  • Sublime Systems’ electrochemical technique for manufacturing cement without carbon emissions.

Listen in.